“I loved the facial that I had with Celia.  Such a relaxing experience and my skin looked amazing afterwards too.  The head massage which was part of the facial treatment was uber relaxing!  Celia's knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies is astounding and my ‘prescription’ is subtly helping me as the days go by.  Highly recommended!” Tracey, August, 2014

A client on the Bach Remedy, Chicory -

"I have to say something about the remedies and I have a feeling but I am not sure that it's the chicory which is doing this but I sometimes get this warm inside, contented feeling and it can come over me at any time. It's almost a bliss feeling and almost like an internal hug. Anyway, I think it's the remedies. I wish everyone could experience that."  August 2014

"I was in the midst of a rather huge life transition, which included relocating from Canada to the UK, when Celia recommended Walnut Bach Flower Essence to me. I very quickly noticed an increased resilience to my heart strings being pulled by those who did not want me to make the move. 

This assisted me with being true to and following the call of my soul. I also began having the most interesting dreams in which a number of people from my past appeared with whom I had relationships that had ended with unanswered questions. As such, Walnut promoted my ability to do a recapitulation, a living life review and resolve some outstanding issues with grace and ease during my dreamtime. 

For me, Walnut fulfilled its potential as an effective link breaker whilst providing me with protection during the process. I am very grateful to Celia and of course Dr. Bach for creating his wonderful flower remedies". ~ Azra, Soul Midwife and Healing the Light Body practitioner 

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