Celia has been working as a complementary therapy practitioner for 25 years and teaching others about Bach Remedies for more more than 10 years. Originally from the North East of England, Celia worked in London, in the media industry, before taking redundancy in 1992. She changed direction and re-trained in Massage Therapy and a couple of years later, after having two children, became a Bach Flower Practitioner. She was the onsite Massage Therapist for several magazines in London, including Elle, Elle Decor and Red Magazine plus Mexico TV and also made weekly visits to Cherry Lodge Day Centre in North London, to offer massage and flower remedies to people affected by cancer. 

In 2017, Celia began training with the University of Bath and the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies as an Addictions Counsellor. She is passionate about combining alcohol free Bach Remedies with addiction counselling to reach all in society, including those in recovery or who choose not to take alcohol. As Gabor Mate stated - it's "not what the addiction, but why the addiction?" 

She currently works as an Addictions Counsellor in a residential treatment centre and offers Bach Remedies, Massage, Organic Facials and Ear Candling in Somerset.  More than one therapy can be combined during a treatment. Celia is fully insured with Balens and registered with Addiction Professionals and the Dr Edward Bach Centre.

As a Bach Practitioner and Trainer, she covers Level One and Two courses. In 2014 and 2019, she taught in Russia and has also travelled to Tbilisi in Georgia and Ireland to deliver training on the Flower Remedies.  

Celia is based in Somerset, UK and available online for Bach consultations and Addiction Counselling



"I was in the midst of a rather huge life transition, which included relocating from Canada to the UK, when Celia recommended Walnut Bach Flower Essence to me. I very quickly noticed an increased resilience to my heart strings being pulled by those who did not want me to make the move. This assisted me with being true to and following the call of my soul. I also began having the most interesting dreams in which a number of people from my past appeared with whom I had relationships that had ended with unanswered questions. As such, Walnut promoted my ability to do a recapitulation, a living life review and resolve some outstanding issues with grace and ease during my dreamtime. For me, Walnut fulfilled its potential as an effective link breaker whilst providing me with protection during the process. I am very grateful to Celia and of course Dr. Bach for creating his wonderful flower remedies.” ~ A, Soul Midwife

“Celia has been my practitioner for two years. During those two years I have undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction and have been studying for a Masters’ Degree at Bath University. I’m also a single mother to two teenage children. Celia’s unique care has provided an invaluable foundation of support for me during this very challenging phase of my life. The Bach Flower Remedies she has prescribed for me demonstrates her acutely insightful and perceptive skills as a Practitioner.

Her knowledge and understanding of the remedies is exceptional. In addition to this, Celia has outstanding communication skills that are central to her excellent standards. She explains and reasons her prescriptive choices with clarity and sensitivity, making the client feel secure and reassured. The remedies she has tailored for me have enabled me to focus, overcome, heal and recover. Celia's care has been both intelligent and faultless." Annie, client

"When I was recommended to see Celia for Bach Flower Remedy, I was physically and emotionally drained and came to the point that  I could no longer cope with any minute thing.  Although I had known Celia beforehand, she was professional when we had a very first meeting. I found myself to confide in her slowly but surely and she was patient with me, kept giving me her prescription of Bach Flower Remedy.  It took a long time to reach where I am now, but Celia and Bach Flower Remedy have been always there to support me and ensure me.

This led me to take an introduction class with Celia. It was very helpful and gave me more insight of the remedy. She also added her personal experience with the remedy, which helped me to understand and remember the property of each remedy. As a lecturer, she was confident and answered all questions attentively without giving any misunderstanding. I am going to learn Bach Flower Remedy for myself and it would be great that my mentor is Celia!” Miri, client and student



All courses are approved by the Bach Centre.





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