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News from the Dr Edward Bach Centre - Bach education comes to Russia

1st June 2014

Level 1 teacher Celia Stewart BFRP (pictured left, next to her translator, Ina) has reported back after a successful trip to Russia back in April.

The trip was organised by the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) and the local importer of the Bach Original Flower Remedies.

While in the country Celia delivered an introductory course to a class of no fewer than 80 students - a much larger number than normal.

"It was a huge challenge, but I did it!" Celia told us. "It was a very successful course and the students were great."

Celia also spent time in Moscow and St Petersburg. She spotted a poster advertising remedies on the Moscow metro, and came across a couple of old friends in St Petersburg: "I spotted chestnut tree in the grounds of a royal palace ripe for making Chestnut Bud, and a cherry plum in bloom.

"Spring is a few weeks behind us over in Russia, so it was lovely to see blossom that had already ended back in the UK."

This is the first time a BFRP has taught in Russia - but now that the ice has been broken we are hopeful that more courses will be run in the country leading, eventually, to a pool of BFRPs who would be eligible to teach Bach Centre-approved courses in their own country.

It's a long road, but the first step has been taken.

What the papers say...

Spirit and Destiny Magazine (December 2012)


Bath Magazine - "Neal's Yard Holistic Facial" (November 2007)

A Holistic Facial will benefit your mind, body and soul, not just your complexion, says Alexandra Fox....

Facials must surely be one of the most enjoyable and beneficial of beauty treatments – if your skin is radiant and feels good, you will too. But a holistic facial is not just about looking beautiful – it can also help you improve your inner health and wellbeing.

Celia Stewart is a therapist who offers treatments at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bath, as well as running her own private practice. “Your face can often indicate problems with your health,” she explains. “As part of the Holistic Facial we do facial mapping, which helps to identify problem areas and possible causes. It’s not just a beauty treatment.”

I’ve booked in with Celia to try and calm down my inflamed skin and tackle some less than attractive spotty areas. She explains that according to Chinese facial mapping, spots on the chin are a classic response to hormone imbalance, often related to the menstrual cycle, while inflammation on the cheeks can indicate problems associated with the lungs – including allergies.

She selects products from the Neal’s Yard Remedies range to tackle my individual problems, ensuring this will not be a generic treatment. After preparing my skin with a calendula cleanser and refreshing rose water, Celia applies a white tea face mask to draw out impurities. This is followed by rose oil for the facial massage. Celia explains that rose has gentle soothing properties, so it’s ideal for anyone with inflamed skin.

The facial massage is absolutely blissful – and extends to the scalp, neck and upper body. The movements are relaxing, yet the wonderful scents from the products are uplifting too – heavenly. The treatment concludes with a soothing layer of rose and almond facial cream and some orange flower decollete gel. Although the structure of the facial is very similar to treatments at many beauty salons, the difference here is the holistic approach.

Celia assesses the face as a guide to other health issues. She’s also the kind of warm, instantly likeable person that you find yourself naturally confiding in within minutes of meeting her. Using her knowledge of herbal and Bach Flower remedies, Celia provides advice on many aspects of health and wellbeing. At the end of the treatment she recommends nettle tea to detoxify and improve the condition of my skin from within, and a Bach Flower remedy to help balance my emotions.

Neal’s Yard Remedies are made from natural ingredients which means that this facial doesn’t overload your skin with goodnessknows how many chemicals – it’s all lovely plant and herb-based ingredients, vegetarian and cruelty-free. The facial does not use an exhaustive list of products either, so it’s quite easy to recreate the experience at home – just use your 20% discount in the shop on the day of your treatment to buy the products you liked.

The next day, a friend remarked on how much better my skin looked (she had no idea I’d been for a facial), and I was thrilled by the unexpected compliment. The Holistic Facial is simple, relaxing and uses gorgeous, natural, non-toxic products – and that’s all you need to achieve fantastic results.

Article courtesy of Bath Magazine


Bath Chronicle - "Make the art of gift buying a sheer joy" (November 2007)

How lovely to be able to give someone the gift of joy or the gift of radiance this Christmas - and that's just what you can do with a gift set from Neal's Yard Remedies.The natural and organic skincare pioneers have launched a range of gift sets to bring, radiance, delight, harmony, comfort and joy at a cost to suit all purses.

Prices range from £7.50 for the Gift of Happiness set which offers a selection of three zesty soaps made with uplifting essential oils. There's calendula, geranium and orange, and lavender and tea tree soaps.

At the top end of the range, the Gift of Vitality set costs £60 and includes aromatic bath and body products, from ravishing vetiver to feminine rose, tingling mint to spicy bergamot. The products are organic and the gift boxes are recyclable.

Neal's Yard has also launched an holistic gift service to help shoppers select a personal gift.

Pop into the store in Northumberland Place, Bath, and a therapist will create a bespoke gift box that is tailored to the person and your requirements.

Just say who is on your shopping list and how much you want to spend and a box will be created specially for that person and with your budget in mind.

It will also contain a sachet of herbal tea, specially chosen for its aroma and therapeutic benefits, along with a gift card to explain why each product, essential oil and flower remedy has been selected.

Another gift idea is to buy a voucher for an holistic facial as a gift - or even treat yourself to one.

The facial is a new treatment offered by trained holistic therapists that includes a consultation, facial mapping to unveil any signs of inner health and wellbeing issues, detailed skin analysis to determine skin type and comprehensive aftercare advice.

The therapist will then choose natural and organic skincare products, signature remedies and a facial routine best suited to your skin type and lifestyle.

It costs £40 until Christmas (£45 after Christmas) and includes 20 per cent off any products used in the facial on the day.

Article courtesy of the Bath Chronicle 

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